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DragSPATZH1600/H2400 High Frequency Inverter Power Source

Within the SPATZ-family the DragSPATZ power sources are the most powerful 20 kHz Inverters. The areas of application are projection welding and the welding of materials which possess good electrical conductivity, e.g. aluminum or copper.

The 20 kHz inverter technology shows numerous advantages: The residual ripple of the welding current is negligible. The setting precision for the welding parameters is very high - current times can be programmed in 0.1 ms increments. The short current rise times enable extremely short welding operations of only several milliseconds. The control cycle time of 25 s ensures uniform and reproducible quality in the welded joint, even at these short welding times.

The MASDAT-interface permits further progression for a flexible, effective and cost efficient production and maintenance respectively by connecting an intelligent welding gun identification system. The proportional valve output and 63 different schedules also come as standard.

All 10,000 weld data records of the weld data recorder which is integrated in every DragSPATZH1600/H2400 can be read and stored with the operating units. Each data record is comprised of the weld values like current, voltage, energy, resistance, penetration and force. Further a time/date tag and information about the crossed limits and fault status are stored. For fast I/O communication via robot controller or line PLC a PROFIBUS-DP interface is available. Alternatively, 13 digital inputs and 8 outputs ensure a reliable data exchange via standard protocols.

The DragSPATZH1600/H2400 is able to work without an operating device. Programming the DragSPATZH1600/H2400 and analyzing of the weld process occurs via the handy graphical operating device SPATZBG-02, a local PC with the AutoSPATZAS-01 PC software via RS-232 or a line PC with the AutoSPATZAS-32 software via an Ethernet connection.

Technical Data    
Type DragSPATZH1600 DragSPATZH2400
No. of programs 63 63
Welding impulses / program 16 16
Control modes CCC, CPC, CVC CCC, CPC, CVC
Weld parameter monitoring yes yes
Stepper function for CCC, CPC, CVC for CCC, CPC, CVC
Force schedule yes yes
Slope up / slope down yes yes
Sensor monitoring yes yes
Signal inputs current, voltage, force, penetration current, voltage, force, penetration
Output for proportional valve yes yes
Mains Voltage U1 3~400-500 V, 50/60 Hz 3~400-500 V, 50/60 Hz
Max. power Smax 550 kVA with 400 V 800 kVA with 400 V
Nominal power SN 220 kVA with 50 % duty cycle, 400 V 300 kVA with 50 % duty cycle, 400 V
Output voltage U2N 500 V / 20 kHz 500 V / 20 kHz
Output current I2max 1,100 A 1,600 A
Interfaces BG-02, RS-232, PROFIBUS-DP,
Ethernet, MASDAT
Ethernet, MASDAT
Digital inputs 13 13
Digital outputs 8 8
Cooling water 4 l/min at 20 C
1.1 gal(US)/min at 68 F
4 l/min at 20 C
1.1 gal(US)/min at 68 F
Pressure drop 0.1 bar at 4 l/min
1.5 PSI at 1.1 gal(US)/min
0.1 bar at 4 l/min
1.5 PSI at 1.1 gal(US)/min
Type of protection IP54 IP54
Dimensions (H x W x D) 600 x 600 x 360 mm
23.6 x 23.6 x 14.2 in
600 x 600 x 360 mm
23.6 x 23.6 x 14.2 in
Weight 80 kg / 176.4 lb 83 kg / 183.0 lb