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3-Phase Direct-Current Technique

Before inverter technology has been made available for reasonable prices, units of this design offered the best compromise as far as prices and achievable current quality have been concerned.

This applies, however, only to perfect unit design as the transformers must be adapted with utmost precision to the welding task. The intended low residual ripple is only generated if the control is operated almost full scale.

Compared with simple alternating-current systems, this means:

  • 3-phase balanced system load
  • relatively low residual ripple of the welding current with 300 Hz
  • smallest controllable unit of time 1/6 period (3,33 ms at 50 Hz)
  • uninterrupted energy input into the weld nugget
  • low inductive losses through rectified welding current, therefore transformer size is independent of the welding window


  • task-specific design of the transformers

Our products: Since the relatively inflexible design of 3 phase DC machines does no longer meet increased demands, we do not offer those types of welding systems.

Alternative solutions:
As an alternative, however, the entire product range of SPATZ+ and SilverSPATZ inverter power sources is available.

Inverter Welding Current Inverter Welding Current
up to 18 kA SPATZ+H300 up to 9 kA
up to 30 kA SPATZ+H9000 up to 9 kA
SPATZ+M900 up to 45 kA    
SPATZ+Tandem1800 up to 65 kA    
SPATZ+MS2400 up to 100 kA