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High-Frequency Inverter Technique (HFDC)

Unlike the medium-frequency inverters which are of a similar design, high-frequency inverters allow driving of the power semiconductors of the inverter, however, not with 1 kHz but with 20 kHz, which means that the clock rate is 20 times higher. The use of HFCD systems improves, therefore, the quality of the welding current considerably.

The fundamental differences between high-frequency inverters and other power sources (alternating current, medium-frequency) are as follows:

  • 3-phase balanced system load, no phase shifts
  • very low residual ripple of the welding current (40 kHz ripple)
  • smallest controllable unit of time ½ period = 0,025 milliseconds
  • suitable also for extremely short welding times
  • uninterrupted energy input into the weld nugget
  • ultrasmall, light-weight transformers (integrated into the SPATZ+H9000 housing)
  • highly appropriate for small part- and micro joining tasks

Our solutions:
Depending on the necessary welding power and the intended interface equipment, there are the high-frequency power sources SPATZ+H300, SPATZ+P500 as well as SPATZ+H9000 and, for high-current applications, the DragSPATZ families to choose from.