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Servo Drive Technique

These modern technology controllers combine related subjects of welding, namely the intelligent control of all process parameters which are important for the spot quality in one specialised system!

The combination consists of a medium-frequency inverter with all its advantages and of up to two motor drives which, in servo guns, are used for the generation of the welding force and the necessary gun equalization. The additional use of optional gun modules simplifies the installation of servo guns via modern BUS technologies considerably.

The advantages of the technology controllers are, among others:

  • All known advantages of medium-frequency power sources
  • Compact design
  • Only one operator interface for the entire functional package
  • Adaptive MASTER control for the factors welding current and welding time
  • Additional adaptive ForceMASTER control for the electrode force
  • Reduction of the installation expenditure
  • Reduction of the initial periods of operation - formerly SOP

Our solutions:
To this we offer the technology controllers ServoSPATZ+M400, ServoSPATZ+M600 and ServoSPATZ+M900 which can be reliably combined with Servo guns and also with Servo projection welding machines.