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Transistor Direct Current Technique

Power sources of this type generate the qualitatively best direct current without residual ripple. The design corresponds with a three phase rectifier machine with an additional transistor stage in the secondary circuit. This allows the exact equalization of the intended welding current. The efficiency factor of these machines is, however, very poor as the transistors transform the necessary energy into heat.


  • ideal smooth output current
  • fast controllability


  • large design / heavy weight
  • expensive
  • low ED and high heat losses
  • maximum current is, due to the poor efficiency factor, restricted to approx. 3 kA

Our products: Due to the numerous disadvantages we do not offer products from the field of transistor direct current technique.

Alternative solutions:
Since the power sources on the basis of high-frequency inverters generate a similar current quality with low residual ripple, the HFDC inverters SPATZ+H300, SPATZ+H9000 and the DragSPATZ series represent good alternatives.