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MASTER Database (MDB)

The MASTER database is the consequent further development of the MASTER process control for automotive engineering.

The MASTER database provides the possibility to teach the different sheet combinations (BDK) of a project to an optional welding gun and to store the data in the MASTER database.

For the transfer of the trained curves to other guns now only a one-time set-up short-circuit welding per gun is required for learning the characteristic gun data.

The weld timers in the production line are, subsequently, loaded from the MASTER database. Individual weld processes of the production guns are not required. The supervision parameters, e.g. the NUGGETIndex are also transferred. After the parameter input has been carried out, the production with active monitoring and active MASTER process control can be started immediately.

Since the production guns do no longer require training, teaching of the MASTER database contents can also be carried out outside the production process by trained experts in the welding laboratory; teaching in the form of a Matuschek service is also possible. The MASTER database with this structure can, of course, be used across the Group and also for several projects at all production sites and will thus become the Group welding database. The visualization and administration of the MDB takes place with the SPATZBDK viewer software.