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MATlock quick-couplingsystem

MATlock quick-couplingsystems allow easy and fast docking of transguns and dies with inbuilt welding head and transformers to cabinet and weld timer. In combination with the MASDAT gun identification system the exchange of guns and dies can be carried out without the need of changing any programming of weld timers.

With the MATlock quick-couplingsystem the following wire and hose connections can be executed:

  • 2 cooling water circulations, separate for transformer and electrode arms
  • Air pressure for weld guns/dies
  • Supply of primary weld current for MFDC transformer
  • Sensory wires for current and voltage measurement and MASDAT
  • Control lead for gun/die and transformer
    • Program selection
    • Pre- and working stroke
    • Release of weld current
    • Bi-metal contact
    • Weld Stop
    • Weld current on/off