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External Switch Box for SilverSPATZCLL-H1 and SilverSPATZCLL-H2 cabinets

If a SilverSPATZCLL-H1/H2 cabinet is mounted in a hanged up position, an external switch box can be used to get access to the operational controls. This box provides with exception of the main switch all operational controls which are normally situated in the cabinet door. In addition the external switch box can be equipped with a RS-232 connector for the coupling to a PC, a connector for the SPATZBG-02 hand held programming device and a lighted pushbutton for the reset of the residual current monitor.The external switch box is connected to the SilverSPATZCLL-H1/H2 cabinet via a connection cable with Han 24 connectors on each side.

If the RS-232 connector is used, then the length of the connection cable is limited to 3 m. Without this interface there are connection cables available with a length of 6 m and 10 m.

The features of the external switch box for SilverSPATZCLL-H1/H2 cabinets are:

  • Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D): 200 x 200 x 80 mm
  • Colour RAL 7035, light grey
  • Mounting case scale Han 24 and connection plug Han 64 D (Crimp connector) for coupling with a cabinet
  • Green signal lamp of "24 V DC" power supply
  • Yellow lighted pushbutton for indication/reset of error
  • For each gun yellow lighted push button for indication/reset of Counter Alarm
  • Push button for "WELD STOP"


  • Red lighted push button for indication/reset of "fault current" detection
  • Key switch for enabling "counter reset"
  • Connector HAN 8 with cap for SPATZBG-02 handling device
  • Connector 9-pole Sub-D beyond cap for RS-232 PC-interface