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Switch cabinet SilverSPATZCLL-R2 for two (stationary) robot guns

With the SilverSPATZCLL-R2 switch cabinet it is possible to connect two transformers of two guns or stationary machines to one SilverSPATZM600LL. The two weld guns can only run one after the other, only one gun might be closed during the welding. Up to 63 different welding programs can be used in total for both guns. Each gun has a single one proportional valve control output. The digital I/O-signals are separated with relays where necessary.

This cabinet is supposed to be used for weld transformers up to 150 kVA. The switch cabinet is equipped with a carrier for the SilverSPATZM600LL weld timer, separating relays for the gun sensors and the necessary cable outlets for the cabling of the mains, the gun etc.

As a standard the cabinet comes with a fan air-cooling for the SilverSPATZ weld timer. The fans are behind a covering cap on the backside of the cabinet. The air inlet is at the upper rear side of the right cabinet wall; the air outlet is in the back panel of the cabinet. The air channel is hermetically sealed to the inner of the cabinet. The main switch with undervoltage trip has a handle at the cabinet door.

Optional the cabinet can be equipped with plugs for the mains, transformer and control cable instead of the standard cable glands. If the transformer secondary is connected to earth via a resistor, a residual-current monitor (30 mA ground fault current detection) for AC, DC and 1,000 Hz AC currents is necessary and can be added as an additional option. The optional stand can be used as a socket with 85 mm to 585 mm (3.3 to 23.0 in) height. Two cabinets equipped with a stand can be placed on top of each other.

The features of the SilverSPATZCLL-R2 cabinet for the SilverSPATZM600LL weld timers are:

  • Connections for 2 guns, running one after another with one weld timer
  • Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D) 675 x 600 x 520 mm (26.6 x 23.6 x 20.5 in)
    - integrated handles
    - rail for cable clamps at the rear of the cabinet
  • Circuit breaker with undervoltage trip
  • External 24 V DC power supply, e.g. by robot cabinet
  • For each transformer / gun:
    - Relays for sensory cables (U and I)
    - Proportional valve control output 0 - 10 V
  • Cable entry via cable glands in the rear panel of cabinet:
    - 3 x M40 for mains and transformer, 2 x M25 and 10 x M16 for control and sensory cable
    - 1 x Data cable entry (fourfold)
  • Double fan cooling, block proved


  • Ground fault current detection (AC/DC sensitive, 30 mA)
    - necessary if the secondary of the transformer is connected to earth via a resistor
  • Internal 24 V DC power supply, 5 A
  • Connectors in rear panel of cabinet instead of cable glands:
    - MC built in connector, 5-pole, male, for mains 3~400 V
    - For each gun MC built in connector, 3-pole, female, for weld transformer
    - For each gun HAN DD built in connector for I/O coupling
  • Connectors for SPATZBG-02 and RS-232 in cabinet door
  • 230 V AC service outlet inside cabinet
  • Stand for cabinet, height adjustable depending on the assembly:
    85, 185, 285, 385, 485 or 585 mm (3.3, 7.3, 11.2, 15.2, 19.0 or 23.0 in)
  • Adapter sockets for different robot cabinets
  • Mobile socket