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Suspended Cabinet SilverSPATZHPA-H1 for Spot Welding

The SilverSPATZHPA-H1 suspended cabinet is the optimal solution for manual production, both from a technical and ergonomical point of view.

It is possible to connect the compact suspended cabinet with a manual trafo gun and/or a welding transformer with a capacity of up to 150 kVA.

The control cable for the I/O signals from/to the welding gun is connected via the HAN24 socket which is integrated in the cabinet bottom. The main switch and all other display and operating elements are positioned in the casing bottom. These parts are thus easily accessible and ergonomical. If cable defects occur, the operator is reliably protected by the residual current protection switch (30 mA actuating current).

The highlight of the equipment is certainly the water-cooled SilverSPATZ weld timer - naturally combined with the integrated adaptive MASTER-control method. 1 - 2 weld programs of the gun provide an extremely wide working range. High-strength steels and critical sheet combinations with adhesives are reliably mastered, even in manual production.

The utilities are clearly arranged on the backside of the suspended cabinet. The shut-off valves for cooling water, the water differential valve, the flow control and also the shut-off valve for compressed air, the maintenance unit and the manual pressure regulator (optional: proportional valve) are securely mounted on the backside and are accessible from there.

Programming, analysis and diagnosis are carried out via the handy control panel SPATZBG-02. The PC AutoSPATZAS-01 is available for further detailed information per laptop and RS-232 interface. It is possible to connect line and/or industrial computers via Ethernet interface and the line PC software AutoSPATZAS-32.

SilverSPATZHPA-H1 suspended cabinet with SilverSPATZM600LW weld timer has the following performance features:

  • Cabinet dimensions W x H x D: 400 x 800 x 460 mm
    - integrated suspensions in the upper lateral edges
  • Main switch with undervoltage release
  • Fault current detection (30 mA)
  • Internal 24 V DC voltage supply, 6 A
  • In the bottom:
    - Actuating handle for main switch
    - Mushroom button for "Weld Stop"
    - Signal lamp for "Ready"
    - Signal lamp for display and reset "Error"
    - Signal lamp for display and acknowledgement "Counter Alarm"
    - Selector switch with/without current
  • Cable feed via cable glands
    - 2 x M40 for mains connection and transformer
    - HAN DD-receptacle connectors, 24-pole, contact pin for I/O coupling
    - 4-fold data cable entry
  • Water-cooled, no water inside cabinet
  • IP 54


  • Connectors instead of screwed cable glands
    - MC-receptacle connector, 5-pole contact pin for mains connection 3~400 V
    - MC-receptacle connector, 3-pole, female contact with transformer connection
Power Unit SilverSPATZM600LW
Welding spot selection 32 Bit
Number of programs 63
Welding impulses / program 16
Control modes MASTER, CVC, CPC, CCC
Weld parameter monitoring yes
Force schedule yes
Slope up / slope down yes
Signal inputs current, voltage
Sensor monitoring yes
1 x Output for proportional valve 0 - 10 V DC
Mains Voltage U1 3~400 V - 500 V or 3~690 V,
50/60 Hz
Max. power Smax 300 kVA with 400 V
Nominal power SN 150 kVA with 20 % duty cycle, 400 V
90 kVA with 50 % duty cycle, 400 V
Output voltage U2N 500 V / 1,000 Hz
Output current I2max 650 A
Interfaces BG-02, MASDAT, RS-232,
Fieldbus, Ethernet

The media panels for SilverSPATZHPA-H1 suspended cabinets (for spot welding) are equipped with the following components:

  • Cooling water distribution for 1 welding gun:
    - manual shut-off valve in the supply and the return pipe
    - magnet valve with water-saving function
    - flow meter
    - flow adjuster with analogue display
    - screw thread ½" for supply and return hose
    - water-cooling of inverter connected in series to the gun
  • Air distribution for 1 welding gun:
    - manual shut-off valve with exhaust ventilation
    - filter pressure regulator
    - manual pressure regulator
    - screw thread ½"


  • Proportional valve instead of manual pressure regulator