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Switch cabinet SPATZ+CL-H1 for Manual Gun

(For Inverter SPATZ+M400/M600/M900 with air and water cooling)

With the SPATZ+CL-H1 switch cabinet it is possible to connect a manual gun to the SPATZ+ weld timer. The timer provides several I/O-signals and a proportional valve control output for the gun. Up to 8 different weld programs can be used for each gun. Especially if the guns are equipped with a quick change system, the MASDAT gun identification system enlarges the flexibility and fields of applications to the maximum.

This switch cabinet is supposed to be used with a manual gun and weld transformers up to 150 kVA. The switch cabinet is similar to the SPATZ+CL-R robot cabinet and is equipped with a carrier for the SPATZ+ weld timer, a main switch with residual current monitoring (30 mA tripping current) and the necessary cable entries for the cabling of the mains connection, gun etc. The main switch has its handle at the cabinet door.

As a standard the switch cabinet comes with fan air-cooling for the SPATZ+ weld timer. The associated fans are located behind a cover plate on the backside of the cabinet. The air inlet is from the rear side, the air outlet is sideways. The fan chamber with the heatsink is hermetically sealed from the interior of the switch cabinet.

The optional stand can be used as a socket with 115 to 400 mm (4.5 - 15.8 in.) height. Up to 3 cabinets equipped with a stand can be placed on top of each other. Customer specific versions of the cabinet regarding special plugs, cable entries and color are available on request.

The features of the SPATZ+CL-H1 cabinet for the SPATZ+ weld timers are:

  • Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D) 700 x 400 x 530 mm (27.6 x 15.7 x 20.9 in)
  • Color: light grey, RAL 7035
  • Main switch 100 A 4-pole with integrated 30 mA RCD, Type B, handle in the cabinet door
  • Built in 24 V DC power supply, 5 A
  • Cable glands in the rear panel of cabinet:
    - 2 x M40 for mains and weld transformers
    - 1 x HAN 16B 8-way built in connector for bus and I/O coupling
    - 1 x Amphenol 22-14 connector for gun control and sensors
  • At the cabinet door:
    - Mushroom button for "Weld Stop"
    - LED (green): "Timer ready"
    - LED (green): "Gun ready"
    - LED (yellow): "Tip Dress"
    - LED (yellow): "Tip Change"
    - LED (blue): "Dress check"
    - Push button, illuminated (red): "Error"
    - Switch, illuminated (white): "Current", 2 positions: 0 - 1
    - Switch, 3 positions: "Weld" - "Dress" - "Change"
  • Double fan cooling, block proved


  • Stand for switch cabinet, height depending on the assembly 120, 220, 320, 420 mm (4.7, 8.7, 12.6, 16.5 in.)
  • SPATZ+FCB Functional Control Box with indicator lights, lighted pushbuttons and knob switches e.g. for "Counter Alarm", "Error", "Current On", "Tip Dress"...
  • Special tip dress and tip change routine with tip dress supervision for manual applications with tip dressing - Switch, 3 positions: "Weld - Dress - Change"
  • Connection cable for SPATZ+FCB