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Switch cabinet SPATZ+CL-H2 for two manual guns

(For Inverter SPATZ+M400/M600/M900 with air and water cooling)

With the SPATZ+CL-H2 switch cabinet it is possible to connect two manual guns to one SPATZ+ MFDC weld timer. The two weld guns work nearly simultaneous, i.e. squeeze times and hold times will run off simultaneously, only the current times of the two guns run off one after the other. Up to 8 different welding programs can be used for each gun. Both guns have separate I/O-signals and a proportional valve control output for each gun. Especially if the guns are equipped with tool changer systems, the MASDAT gun ident system enlarges the flexibility and fields of applications to the maximum.

This cabinet is supposed to be used with manual guns and weld transformers up to 150 kVA. The switch cabinet is equipped with a carrier for the SPATZ+ weld timer, a main switch with 30 mA ground fault current detection and the necessary cable outlets for the cabling of the mains, the gun etc. The handle for the main switch is at the cabinet door.

As a standard the cabinet comes with a fan air-cooling for the SPATZ+ weld timer. The fans are inside a cover plate on the backside of the cabinet. The air inlet is from rear side, air outlet is sideways. The air channel is hermetically sealed from the inner of the cabinet.

The optional stand can be used as a socket with 115 to 400 mm (4.5 to 15.7 in) height. Up to 3 cabinets equipped with a stand can be placed on top of each other. Customer specific versions of the cabinet regarding special plugs, outlets and color are avai¬lable on request.

The features of the SPATZ+CL-H2 cabinet for the SPATZ+ weld timers are:

  • Connections for 2 manual guns, running nearly simultaneously with 1 weld timer
  • Cabinet dimensions (W x H x D) 700 x 400 x 530 mm (27.6 x 15.7 x 20.9 in)
  • Color: light grey, RAL 7035
  • Main switch 100 A with integrated 30 mA RCD
  • Internal 24 V DC power supply, 5 A
  • At the cabinet door:
    - handle of the main switch
    - Green indicator light for "Timer Ready"
  • For each gun: Isolation contactor, MASDAT interface, Proportional valve control output
  • Cable glands in the rear panel of cabinet:
    - 3 x M40 for mains and weld transformers
    - 2 x M20 for Functional Control Box
    - 1 x HAN 16B 8-fold data cable entry for media panel equipment, Fieldbus ...
  • - 2 x Amphenol 22-14 connector for gun control and sensor cable, one for each gun
  • Double fan cooling, block proved


  • At the cabinet door:
    - Push button for "Weld Stop"
    - Yellow light for "Tip dress warning/alarm"
    - Yellow light for "Tip change warning/alarm"
    - Blue light for dress check result
    - Red pushbutton for indication/reset of "Error"
    - Lighted switch for "Current On/Off"
    - Switch, 3 positions: "Weld - Dress - Change"
  • Stand for cabinet, height adjustable depending to the assembly
  • SPATZ+FCB Functional Control Box, for each gun:
    - Box dimensions (WxHxD): 200x200x80 mm (7.9 x 7.9 x 3.1 in)
    - Color RAL 7035, light grey
    - External mounting brackets
    - Terminal row inside box for connection cable
    - M20 cable gland for connection cable
    - LED (green): "Gun ready"
    - LED (blue): "Dress check" result
    - LED (yellow): "Tip Dress Warning/Alarm"
    - LED (yellow): "Tip Change Warning/Alarm"
    - LED push button (red): "Error" indication/reset
    - LED Switch (white): "Current" on/off
    - Switch, 3 positions: "Weld - Dress - Change"
  • Connection cable for SPATZ+FCB