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Switch cabinet SPATZ+CL-T for Robot Applications

(For 2 Inverters SPATZ+M900 in Tandem combination with air or water cooling)

The SPATZ+CL-T cabinet is for use with a robot gun and weld transformers up to 320 kVA. The extremely compact switch cabinet is equipped with a carrier for the 2 SPATZ+ weld timers and the necessary cable outlets for the cabling of the mains, the gun transformer, up to 2 servo actuators, sensory and control cables etc. The main switch with earth fault detection (type B: all-current-sensitive) has a handle in the cabinet door.

As a standard the cabinet comes with fan air-cooling for the SPATZ+. The fans are inside a cover plate on the backside of the cabinet. The air inlet is from rear side, air outlet is sideways. The air channel is hermetically sealed from the inner of the cabinet.

The features of the SPATZ+CL-T switch cabinet are:

  • Cabinet dimensions W x H x D: 700 x 800 x 350 mm (27.6 x 31.6 x 13.8 in)
  • Circuit breaker with earth fault detection, handle in the door
  • 24 V DC power supply inbuilt
  • Cable entry via cable glands in the rear panel of cabinet:
    - 1 x M50 for mains and transformer
    - 1 x M40 for transformer
    - 2 x M20 for power cables for 2 servo actuators
    - 2 x M16 for air cooling fans
    - 2 x 8-fold data cable entry for
    • sensory and 24 V I/O hybrid cable
    • 2 encoder leads for the servo actuators
    • 24 V I/O coupling with CapClean
  • Double fan cooling, block proved


  • Cabinet stand
  • Adapter sockets for different robot cabinets

SPATZ+CL-T with additional equipment:

  • 2 SPATZ+M900 Weld timers
  • PROFINET Fieldbus board SPATZ+FB-NET
  • Connecting cables
  • 2 Servodrives for main electrode force and weld gun equalization