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SPATZBS-01 I/O Terminal

The SPATZBS-01 I/O terminal is ideal for use in combination with any SPATZ at manual workplaces, in laboratories, when setting up a machine and whenever the welding process is controlled manually rather than by a higher-level PLC.

All important welding process functions of the SPATZes can be controlled with the SPATZBS-01 I/O terminal. Assignment of the individual functions to the inputs and outputs of the SPATZ power sources is user-definable. Simple identification of the functions is carried out by sliding labelling strips into the pockets provided behind the front foil, where they are protected from dirt.

A programme selection enables setting of all 63 programmes of the SPATZes. The welding programme which is currently in use is indicated on a 2-digit seven-segment display, and can be altered by means of pushbuttons. The programme number remains stored in the memory when the machine is switched off.

The status of 6 digital outputs of the power sources are indicated on the SPATZBS-01 via LED indicator lamps of different colours. This provides a swift overview of the welding process, the status of the last weld, the levels of electrode life and error counters or the availability of the welding machine.

A total of 6 outputs are available to control the digital inputs of the SPATZes. 3 of these outputs are designed as pushbuttons and can be assigned to functions such as 'Start' or 'Error Reset'. The remaining outputs are designed as switches. These outputs are assigned functions such as 'Weld with current'. The state of these outputs is shown by LED indicator lamps.

It is also possible to assign the inputs and outputs of the SPATZBS-01 to any initiators and actuators in the entire welding machine, independent of the welding power sources. In the set-up mode as an example, it is often necessary to activate the prestroke or working stroke valves manually, in order to correct the electrode geometry or to carry out other adjustment tasks. Due to this, two of the bistable outputs are designed for loads of up to 40 W.

Voltage is supplied directly via the welding controller or another 24 V DC voltage which is available at the site.

Technical data  
Number of digital inputs 6
Number of digital outputs for program selection 6
Number of digital outputs with push button function, 100 mA 3
Number of digital outputs with switching function, 1.2 A 2
Number of digital outputs with switching function, 100 mA 1
Power supply 24 V DC (external or
SPATZ control)
Permissible voltage range 18 - 36 V DC
Reverse voltage protection yes
Internal current consumption (without output functions) 15 mA
Max. current consumption of the output functions 3.0 A
Protective system IP56, NEMA 12
Dimensions (L x W x H) 170 x 110 x 45 mm
6.69 x 4.33 x 1.77 in
Cable inputs 1 x PG 13,5, 2 x PG 9
Weight 0.5 kg / 1.1 lb