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SPATZH300plus High Frequency Inverter Power Source

- Ethernet- and PROFIBUS-DP-Interface -


This device is no longer manufactured. The information contained on this page is therefore not current.

Visit SPATZ+H300 instead.

The SPATZH300plus high-frequency inverter power source with its 20,000 Hz clock frequency is the all-purpose, cost-effective alternative to all of the transistor-controlled power supplies for micro welding and small component welding. With its rapid reaction speed, the SPATZH300plus displays high-performance, lasting welding capability, functioning with just as much precision at 100 A as it does at 9,000 A.

Each welding operation is feedback controlled during the procedure. The control process takes place very quickly based on the 20 kHz inverter frequency. Actual values are compared with target values every 0.025 ms. The output power is adapted during the welding process if targets are not being met. Constant Current Control (CCC), Constant Power Control (CPC) and Constant Voltage Control (CVC) can all be used. At the end of each weld, the SPATZH300plus checks whether the actual welding parameters keep within the set limits.

The SPATZH300plus' timer and high-frequency inverter are housed in a compact IP54-protected housing, which weighs a total of 30 kg / 66.1 lb. While the external high-frequency transformer needs to be installed close to the welding site, the SPATZH300plus can be installed within the vicinity of the machine.

Online programming and analysis are the connecting links between production, quality control and process engineering. The SPATZH300plus features 3 options:

SPATZBG02: The handy operating device with graphical display meets the demand to be used under rough production conditions.

AutoSPATZAS-01: Further detailed information is available for the maintenance via notebook and the RS232-interface.

AutoSPATZAS-32: Integration and crosslinking of welding systems with a line PC by Ethernet with full online functionality.

The specific advantages of the SPATZH300plus high-frequency inverter, such as its low weight and high output voltage, allow the easy system integration. The high output voltage enables relatively long welding power lines to lead to the welding position.

The SPATZH300plus high-frequency inverter is deliverable for a mains input voltage range from 3~400 V to 500 V.

Technical Data  
Type SPATZH300plus
Number of programs 63
Welding impulses / program 16
Control modes CCC, CPC,CVC
Weld parameter monitoring yes
Stepper function for CCC, CPC, CVC
Force schedule yes
Slope up / slope down yes
Signal inputs current, voltage, force, penetration
Output for proportional valve yes
Mains voltage U1 3~400 V-500 V 50/60 Hz
Max. power Smax 60 kVA with 400 V
Nominal power SN 33 kVA with 50 % duty, 400 V
Welding current range I2 100 - 9,000 A with 6 % duty cycle
Welding voltage U2N 10 V DC
Interfaces BG-02, RS-232, MASDAT,
Digital inputs 13
Digital outputs 8
Cooling water 4 l/min at 20 °C
1.1 gal(US)/min at 68 °F
Type of protection IP54
Dimensions (H x W x D) 380 x 430 x 210 mm
15.0 x 16.9 x 8.3 in
Weight 30 kg / 66.1 lb
Colour light grey / RAL7035
Included in delivery: -documentation
-SPATZBG-02 connecting cable 3m / 118.1 in
-SPATZBG-02 connecting cable holder