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SPATZ+LSK80 Precision Welding Head

The SPATZ+LSK80 welding head with electro-magnetic linear drive is designed for precision welding applications. Fields of utilisation are cycle time optimised, high speed automated production as well as highly sophisticated manual applications.

The precise internal position measuring system of the SPATZ+LSK80 and the responsive control provided by the SPATZ+ power source ensure excellent and highly reproducible welding results.

The technical advantages of the SPATZ+LSK80 precision welding head are particularly resulting from the electro-magnetic linear drive. Self-locking behaviour due to friction which is typical for ball screw spindle systems is avoided. In addition, the linear drive of the SPATZ+LSK80 requires no viscosity-varying lubricants.

Unique motion algorithms provide a soft touch down capability despite extremely fast positioning and force build-up. Even sensitive electrodes are prevented from damage without the need for a shock-absorber. Force change "on the fly" allows an extremely fast changing of the electrode force within one weld program. Perfect electrode follow-up characteristics, comparable with the follow-up performance of an ideal mechanical spring also improve weld quality.

The 25 mm (1.0 in.) stroke range simplifies the integration of the SPATZ+LSK80 welding head into welding machines.

Welding operations are possible from any position within the traversing range. An auto position referencing feature (REL and ABS) simplifies the electrode adjustment. For finest welding a precision distance measuring system with a resolution of 0.1 microns is available. The SPATZ+LSK80 welding head includes a position measuring system with a resolution of 1 Ám as standard. On automatic welding machines, this provides a cost-effective means for implementing a component and electrode wear detection system.

The control of the programmed current profiles is pro-vided by the SPATZ+ series 20,000 Hz high frequency inverter power source with 25 Ás process feedback response time.

Extremely short weld times are possible for micro-welding applications (e.g. less than 5 ms) including time increments of 0.1 ms.

The welding current can be terminated at any time by a position-controlled current switch-off. The travel cut-off allows to keep a fix position during the hold time.

The set-up of the SPATZ+LSK80 welding head is carried out via the SPATZStudio or SPATZStudioNET PC-Software. The waveforms of the process signals (last weld) and the measured values of the last 10,000 welds are also available.

Despite the availability of high electrode force and the powerful inverter unit, the linear head is operated with safe 24 V DC motor power.

Technical Data  
Welding force 2 - 50 N
Maximum stroke 25 mm / 1.0 in.
Contact speed 5 - 20 mm/sec.
0.2 - 0.8 in./sec.
Contact force 2 N
Maximum traversing speed 800 mm/sec.
31.5 in./sec.
Maximum follow-up acceleration 200 m/sec.2
656 ft./sec.2
Positioning accuracy:  
- Standard system 1 Ám
- Precision system 0.1 Ám
Maximum cycle rate
(dependent from application)
Force control yes
Penetration control yes
Component identification yes
Width / Depth 23/92 mm
0.9/3.6 in.
Height 216 mm / 8.5 in.
Weight 1.5 kg / 3.3 lb


SPATZ+LSK80 precision welding heads - enabling scheme:


Electrode penetration capabilities:

  • position-controlled current cut-off
  • position controlled current- and travel cut-off