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SPATZMulti04 Weld recorder - Measuring device for resistance welding

The new generation of the SPATZMulti04 weld recorder is the result of consistent further development of its successful predecessor. It is even more efficient and user-friendly. The SPATZMulti04 combines the recording and analysis of all important process variables in one capable tool:

  • Welding current
  • Voltage
  • Electrode force
  • Displacement
  • Welding time
  • Resistance
  • Power

These process variables are recorded by the SPATZMulti04 weld recorder simultaneously and seamlessly. This makes it an universal tool to optimise your resistance welding processes. It helps to discover and analyse deficiencies.

In addition to the internal memory, the SPATZMulti04 provides a memory slot suitable for SD-HC memory cards with up to 32 GB of memory space. A 8 GB SD-HC memory card is included in the delivery. This allows the storage of more than one million data sets and more than 10,000 weld process graphs. Thus an uninterrupted documentation of the data is guaranteed.

Data analysis and quality assurance:
The data sets recorded by the SPATZMulti04 will be presented on the display. In addition the average line and the frequency distribution bar graph give more information about the production process. Via the SD-HC memory card data can be easily transferred to a PC. This allows an uninterrupted documentation and archiving of your weld process data as well as an even more detailed statistical analysis by means of the QA-application SPATZQS+ or standard spreadsheet applications.

Measured values and process graphs are accurately shown on the brilliant 4,3" coloured display. The selection of the shown parameters can be configured individually. Furthermore a selective zoom-function allows the enlarged view of amplitude or time of the selected process curve. The high-resolution display enables an accurate analysis of the recorded process values, for example current rise times, trigger angle, splash detection, electrode penetration behaviour or force build-up times.

24 V I/O-interface:
Thanks to its two digital 24 V DC outputs (providing a maximum output current of 100 mA) and two 24 V DC digital inputs, the SPATZMulti04 can be connected to a plant PLC. This provides the possibility to intervene in the production process in case of violations of process limits.

Battery operation:
With its built-in lithium-ion battery, the SPATZMulti04 can be utilized mains independent (approx 10 h). This offers an enormous amount of flexibility for the user.

Sensors are connected to the SPATZMulti04 via solid colour-coded connectors equipped with a unique locking mechanism. Dedicated Matuschek-sensors are recognised automatically by the SPATZMulti04. Of course other sensors with compatible specifications can be connected to the SPATZMulti04 as well (e.g. permanently fitted sensors measuring electrode force and displacement). The voltage sensor integrated in the SPATZ force probe enables exact determination and thus easy optimisation of squeeze and hold times.

User guidance:
Besides the intuitive user interface, the SPATZMulti04 weld recorder provides an extensive on-screen help system. The user interface is preinstalled in English, German, French and Portuguese. Other language files which can be added subsequently are available on request.

Example: Determination and optimisation of weld schedule times
The voltage sensor integrated in the SPATZ force probes makes exact measurement of times possible needed for build up and reduction of weld force. Thus squeeze and hold times can be set up correctly and for each weld gun separately for easy optimisation of cycle times.

Carrying case:
The SPATZMulti04 weld recorder is delivered with a robust and useful carrying case which offers a secure and clearly arranged space for sensors and measuring cables.

Technical Data  
Type SPATZMulti04
Measuring channels current, voltage, displacement, force
Colour display 4,3" TFT LCD-Display
Welding current range (AC / DC) 2 kA, 20 kA, 200 kA; +/- 3 %*
Electrode voltage range +/- 16 V; +/- 1 %*
Electrode force range
(depending on sensor used)
freely scalable
Displacement range (scalable) +/- 30 mm (+/- 1.18"); +/- 1 %*
max. recording time 20 s
Adjustable trigger time yes
Single pulse / multi pulse measurement yes
Weld spot counter yes
Measured value memory > 1,000,000 weld operations and
> 10,000 weld operations
incl. curves with resolution 50 Ás
digital in- / outputs (24 V DC) 2 each
Operating time with battery ca. 10 h
Interface USB
Dimensions / Weight 225 x 140 x 45 mm / 1 kg
8.8 x 5.5 x 1.7" / 2.2 lb
Storage media SD-HC 8 GB included,
max. SD-HC 32 GB
Languages (extensible) English, German,
French, Portuguese
* Accuracy (based on the scale end value)



SPATZMulti04 Current sensor

The measurement of welding current is accomplished with isolated toroidal coils. There are two different versions available.

Flexible coil with lock:
For easy handling, this loop has a built-in fastener and is encompassed around a conductor element of the welding current.

Technical Data  
Type SI-15B..
Measuring range 100 A - 200 kA
Current AC / DC
Sensitivity 150 mV/kA at 50 Hz
Accuracy 3 %
Diameter inner = 170 mm (6.7"), outer = 200 mm (7.9")
Cable length 2 m (78.7")


Rigid coil with electrode insets:
This current sensor is placed on the electrode. There are insets for three different electrode diameters available.

Technical Data  
Type SI-15F..
Measuring range 100 A - 200 kA
Current AC / DC
Sensitivity 150 mV/kA at 50 Hz
Accuracy 1 %
Diameter inner = 35 mm (1.38"), outer = 80 mm (3.15")
Cable length 3 m (118.1")



SPATZMulti04 Voltage sensor

The measurement of electrode voltage is accomplished with a 2-wire sensor cable. The highly flexible ends of the cable can be attached using the various types of adapters.

Technical Data  
Type SU-02
Sensor cable Highly flexible
Cable length 2 m (78.7")



SPATZMulti04 Force sensors

The electrode force is measured with a force sensor which is integrated in a measurement head. Three different sizes allow a combined force and voltage measurement in welding guns as well as in miniature welding heads. The handle may be taken off for stationary installation. For the SK-100 inserts are available for use with flat electrodes (e.g. for projection welding applications).

Technical Data      
Type SK-010 SK-100 SK-360
Measuring range 0.1 - 1 kN 1 - 10 kN 3.6 - 36 kN
Measuring principle Strain gauge Strain gauge Strain gauge
Accuracy 5 % of measured value 5 % of measured value 5 % of measured value
Sensor head ( x T) 27 mm x 7 mm
1.1 x 0.3"
48 mm x 23 mm
1.9 x 0.9"
Suitable for 13 mm (0.5"),
16 mm (0.63") and
20 mm (0.79") electrodes
Sensor head (L x W x H) - - 55 x 36 x 21 mm
2.2 x 1.4 x 0.8"
Handle , total lenght 36 mm, 200 mm
1.4", 7.9"
40 mm, 230 mm
1.6", 9.1"
36 mm, 680 mm
1.4", 26.8"
Cable length 3 m (118.1") 3 m (118.1") 3 m (118.1")


SPATZMulti04 I/O-Cable

I/O-Cable to connect the SPATZMulti04 e.g. to a PLC.

Technical Data  
Type SD-05
Cable length 5 m (196.8")