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SPATZSSK1000 Welding Pincer

The SPATZSSK1000 servo welding pincer is designed for welding applications in force ranges from 100 to 1,000 N. Due to its special gear concept the pincer is built extremely small.

Welds can be initiated at any point between the electrodes. Depending on the use case the options "electrically floating" resp. "fixed electrode" are available.

The electrode geometry at the beginning of the weld time is important for the quality of micro welds and small component welds. If this is influenced negatively by a too hard touch of the electrode (common for pneumatic systems) it has an inevitable impact on the stability of the welded joint.

This can be avoided with the SPATZSSK welding pincer. Despite the fast traversing speed the electrode touch is smoothly controlled. The integrated measurement of electrode position provides data for part detection and quality control.

The SPATZSSK welding pincer is combined with the ServoSPATZM600LL high-tech controller which controls the two NC motors and the welding process itself.

Advantages: control of the three welding parameters weld current, weld time and weld force by the weld controller and only one weld program for the entire welding and traversing task. Thereby the nonproductive phases (such as squeeze and hold times) can be reduced and the welding frequency can be increased.

Technical Data  
Welding force 100 - 1,000 N
1,000 N, 15 % ED
400 N, 100 % ED
Maximum stroke (standard) 25 mm / 1.0 in.
Maximum stroke (special) up to 50 mm / 2.0 in.
Contact speed 5 - 20 mm/sec.
0.2 - 0.8 in./sec.
Contact force 80 N
Maximum traversing speed 350 mm/sec.
13.8 in./sec.
Positioning accuracy 1 µm
Force control yes
Penetration control yes
Component detection yes
Width / Depth 270 / 120 mm
10.7 / 4.7 in.
Height 360 mm / 14.2 in.
Weight 15.6 kg / 31.2 lb