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About Us

SPATZStudioNET Line-PC Programming and Analysis Software

The SPATZStudioNET Line-PC Software communicates with up to 100 weld controllers per installed instance and offers with additional administration tools more functions than SPATZStudio software. Like the SPATZStudio software the SPATZStudioNET allows full online functionality. Display of electrode life and tip dress counters and spot errors and sequence errors for every connected SPATZ+ controller are displayed. Weld programs, spot tables, limit, counter and basic settings can be edited online. All data can be uploaded, downloaded and saved.

Weld schedules and MASTER programs can be uploaded and downloaded from one weld controller to others. The SPATZStudioNET software offers additionally automatic storage and update of backups, QA data, error and change log files whenever settings and parameters are changed, errors happened or welds have been performed. Thus 100 % consistent backups of all data are given.

SPATZStudioNET software offers the following features:

  • Administration and communication of up to 100 SPATZ+ controllers via Ethernet
  • SPATZStudio software completely integrated in SPATZStudioNET software
  • Therefore: Entire online functionality
  • Firmware update of all connected weld controllers
  • QA analysis of the data sets of the last 100,000 welds and of the curve sets of the last 1,000 welds
  • Consistent error and change log files
  • Automatic backup function whenever settings and parameters are changed, including changes via SPATZStudio software
  • Weld spot, weld program or controller related online statistic for 3 different time frames: short-, mid- and long term displaying
    - relative occurrence of weld expulsions
    - percentage deviation from MASTER reference weld current
    - percentage deviation from MASTER reference weld time
    - relative frequency of NUGGETIndex errors
  • Permanent storage of QA data of individually selected weld controllers
  • Access to programming menus and functions can be programmed with individually set user permissions. There is no limit to the number of different access levels. Login is accomplished via password or USB stick identification
  • Creation of MASTER database and transfer of MASTER reference programs from MDB to SPATZ+ weld controllers.
  • First data import for fast production line start up. Extracted data files from customer database are used for upload to destined weld controllers.

System Requirements:

  • CPU Pentium IV, 2 GHz, 1 GB RAM
  • VGA graphics card with a resolution of 1,024 x 768 or higher
  • Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 or higher
  • Network connection with Ethernet 100Base-T