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Multi-Channel Power Analyzer LK601
Data Acquisition and Analysis

The POWER-Analyzer LK601 was specially designed for use in electrical drive test benches. It helps to simplify development, analysis and EOL-Testing. Intuitive, precise and future-proof!

Multi-Channel / Multi-Phase POWER Analyzer LK601

With the POWER-Analyzer LK601 up to 6 electrical phases (U+I) can be recorded and analyzed simultaneously at high precision. With an off-the-shelf equipped CAN interface our power meter can also record torque, speed, temperature and other important process parameters. Using the intuitive and customizable POWERStudio-Software, all settings can be setup on the computer and user-defined parameters / views can be created.

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Key component of our measuring device is an UX-friendly PC-Software. All settings can here be made, measurements can be started, analyzed and monitored. The simple way of saving settings and data enables reliable reiterations of measurement sequences.

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The analog and digital technology (of the sensing modules) record current and voltage with the highest accuracy. Thanks to the high bandwidth and sampling resolution, high-frequency components can also be precisely analyzed. Short signal latency guarantees the best synchronicity. Specially at high reactive power.

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Designed for modularity right from the beginning, the LK601 power meter is future-proof in terms of expandability and flexibility. Modifications to the hardware and / or software can be used to react quickly and easily to changed requirements. Always stay up-to-date!

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SO FAR Electrical Power Measurement
complex, error-prone and time-consuming

Current power analyzers are often based on oscilloscopes and offer only a few innovations in terms of handling, flexibility and expandability. Many devices just provide usual input terminals and simple ways of displaying measured data.

Those devices, which are mostly designed for compactness, are equipped with small displays and complex user interfaces through which almost all settings and analysis steps must be carried out. If software required for more detailed investigations is offered, it is often bulky and inflexible to use. Moreover the recorded data first has to be manually exported from the power analyzer and imported into an other data manipulation software.

If synchronous recordings of physical measured values such as temperature and vibration are required, the use of an additional expensive data logger may also be necessary.

so-far concept for power analysis

Power Measurement RETHOUGHT
From necessity to virtue

Innovative ideas often arise from a personal need. If available products do not cover the own applications, requirements and framework conditions, you have to tackle it yourself. That's what we did!

Originally developed for our own test benches, the LK601 power meter now also offers other customers decisive advantages. We focused on a fluid and simple handling, customer and application-oriented flexibility and future-proof expandability. Deliberately we avoided using unnecessarily costly modules and additional, confusing, device-internal input and visualization elements.

The result is the MATUSCHEK electrical POWER-Analyzer LK601, which delivers high-precision, repetitious measurement results, is easy to use and has powerful analysis tools. Our 30 years of experience as a supplier in the field of high-quality measurement technology for the automotive and electrical industry helped us to develop a high quality product.

new concept for measurement equipment for testbenches

Guaranteed Future-Proof
Benefit from steady progress

Drive systems with electric motors can be constructed from a large number of components which need to be tested. Front and / or rear drive, wheel hub motors, inverters, gearboxes, cooling systems, battery modules and other modules. The possibility of expanding and adapting the corresponding test system is therefore essential.

The flexible configurable basic device of the POWER-Analyzer enables extensive expansion options for your test equipment via different expansion cards and an integrated CAN interface. Whether for electrical, mechanical, thermal or other measured variables, a power analyzer that can do more!

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Technical Specification
Sample rate 10 MSa/s
Sample resolution 16 bit
Voltage ranges 12 ranges
1,5 – 1.000 V (RMS)
Current ranges
6 ranges
1 - 40 A (RMS)
Current ranges
9 ranges
(transducer dependent)
Bandwidth 1 MHz
Precision < 0,05 % (for power value)
Signal latency < 5 ns
Max. count of channels 6 per device (max. 30 channels in multi device operation)
Interfaces Ethernet, CAN
Misc. Includes power supply for external current sensors
power probe modules