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Rethinking E-Mobility

With competence from over 30 years at data acquisition devices, power electronics, mechanical construction and software design, MATUSCHEK has set itself the goal of developing and implementing exciting projects in electromobility.

Concept-related efficiency and sustainability of the products is both, idea and claim. Curiosity, motivation and tenacity are principle. Increasing company's prospects in the long term through diversification is our goal. The results are products that have been rethought and developed from the scratch.

With these products and concepts, we target elementary topics of electromobility. A compact traction motor with an integrated gearbox but without "rare earths" is an important contribution to cost-efficient and sustainable electromobility. Our microturbine "range extender" with high power density is not just another combustion engine but a real alternative. Precise and reliable measurement technology has always been our profession and is particularly needed in the development and manufacture of new e-mobility components.


The POWERAnalyzer LK601 is specially designed and developed for applications with a high number of power channels. The modern desktop app is easy to use and constantly increasing in its range of functions.

Small but powerful. Due to its high rated speed the T-REXBaby micro-turbine range extender can be built very small and light, but nevertheless provides very high output power.

Our "rare-earth"-free traction motor integrates gearbox and differential. Space-saving, resource-saving and efficient, this switched reluctance machine (SRM) is a suitable alternative to conventional traction machines.

Resistance Spot Welding

picture of c-shaped weld gun