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About Us

Mature Technology. New Dimensions.

MATUSCHEK is a manufacturer of system components for resistance welding.
In our capacity of technology suppliers we are the world-wide reference for this production process.
Innovative, consequent and spontaneous - we ensure steady progress.

MATUSCHEK components are applied in the manufacturing plants of the electrical and electronics industry,
medical engineering, vehicle manufacturers and their ancillary industry.
Low costs by a high level of quality is part of our customers' business model.

MATUSCHEK technology stands for:

  • Medium frequency and 20 kHz high-frequency inverter power sources up to 100 kA
  • Servo-electrical power drives for spot and projection welding up to 20 kN
  • Servo-electrical adaptive equalisers for spot welding guns
  • Servo-electrical electrode tip processing system CapClean
  • Secondary, 40 kHz directly switched bipolar fine welding power sources as from 10 A
  • Servo-electrical linear fine welding heads as from 2 N