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SPATZ+ Fieldbus Cards

Numerous fieldbus cards are available for connecting our SPATZ+ technology controller with a robot controller or a line PLC. In this way we ensure that existing automation lines can also be equipped subsequently with the SPATZ + generation of devices. The systems can also be retrofitted and adapted to new requirements. This offers the greatest possible future proofness and flexibility for production systems in industrial applications.

All fieldbus cards optionally have a master-slave output, with which up to 3 slave power units can be connected to increase the maximum current or the open circuit voltage. Available bus variants (others possible on request):


profibus extension
Is used for fast communication between controls and sensors in machine systems.
profinet extension
Is a TCP / IP based Industrial Ethernet standard that is real-time capable.
devicenet extension
A fieldbus that is mainly used in automation technology and is based on CAN.
ethercat extension
Real-time Ethernet protocol which is preferably used for automation.
ethernet ip extension
Another real-time Ethernet protocol which is also abbreviated to EIP.
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The SPATZ+ fieldbus cards are combined with SPATZ+ weld timers.

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We would be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable solutions for your individual welding tasks and inform you about our training portfolio.