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Calibration and Analysis for Weld Quality Assurance

The SPATZMulti04 welding data recorder with its graphical display is the indispensable tool within Quality Assurance for Resistance Welding. Useful

With the SPATZMulti04 and its four measuring channels for current, voltage, force and displacement, all conceivable measuring and calibration tasks related to the resistance welding process can be conveniently performed, such as:

The calibration of welding current and welding force

An elementary functionality of the SPATZMulti04 is its use as a reference measuring device for the welding current (AC and DC) and the welding force of individual welding machines or entire welding lines. Only then can welding parameters be compared and transferred from one system to another and a consistently high welding quality be guaranteed.

The calibration of current and force is also a prerequisite for using the MASTER database (MDB) in the automotive sector.

A cyclic calibration of the SPATZMulti04 in our company ensures highest reproducibility for years.

The analysis and optimization of process flows

To do this, the user must of course know as much as possible about his systems. But who knows the force build-up times of his welding guns or hump machines in addition to the set force scaling? This is the only way to set the lead time optimally, i.e. not too short (weld spatter) or too long (cycle time!!).

The control or comparison of the current values (peak, average, rise ...) are also available unfiltered on request.

During a weld, the specially developed SPATZ force sensor measures the course of force and welding impulse. For analysis, the courses are displayed on the screen as curves.

Examples for the analysis and optimization of process flows


The handling was deliberately kept simple: depending on the measuring task, connect the corresponding sensors to the SPATZMulti04. Switch on, select the desired function and start the welding pulse to be measured.

The SPATZMulti04 displays the results of the measurement as numerical values and as high-resolution curves on the color display. In addition to the four directly measured values, these are also the calculated values for:

These values are not only measured, but also stored on an SD card. At least 1 000 000 data sets and complete curve sets can be stored. The supplied software enables conversion into a MS Excel compliant format. The evaluation and analysis of the QA data or curve data can then be carried out in addition to the evaluation on the SPATZMulti04 by means of MS Excel or with the SPATZQS, a software which has been specially developed for the requirements of spot welders.

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