Spot Welding of Aluminium Sheets

When spot welding aluminium, deviating welding conditions, such as shunt effects or varying surfaces, can lead to irregular welding results. Due to the material properties of aluminium, the spot welding process faces the following challenges:

Challenge: Solution:
- Low electrical resistance High welding currents
- High thermal conductivity Short welding times
- Oxidizing surfaces Variable start conditions
- Mandatory clean electrodes Regular electrode cap cleaning

- Low electrical resistance:
High welding currents
- High thermal conductivity:
Short welding times
- Oxidizing surfaces:
Variable start conditions
- Mandatory clean electrodes:
Regular electrode cap cleaning

With the AluSPATZ+ complete welding system, MATUSCHEK offers a future-proof customer-specific complete solution. This means that the reliable spot welding of aluminium will no longer be a problem in the future when implementing your projects. Constant reproducible welding results can be achieved with the AluSPATZ+ complete welding system, both for spot welding of structural components, extruded profiles and 3-sheet connections, and for series production.

The AluSPATZ+ complete welding system consists of the following components:


Spot Welding Inverter for Aluminium
ServoSPATZ+ Combined Weld Timer
alugator x-gun
AluGATOR Servo Gun
CapClean 3D-Reformation

Advantages of the AluSPATZ+ complete welding system

Examples of Aluminium Welding

Examples of aluminium welding


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