AluSPATZ+ Complete System for Aluminium Welding

The SPATZ+ complete system is designed down to the last detail to meet the special requirements of aluminium welding. The 1 000 Hz SPATZ+M900 weld timer in master-slave configuration supplies the high welding current of up to 80 kA required for Aluminium welding.

With the welding cabinet and the integrated drive technology for a servo-electric welding gun with servo-electric compensation, the SPATZ+M900 weld timer forms the heart of every MATUSCHEK Aluminium welding system.

The CapClean electrode management system is the second component for Aluminium spot welding suitable for production. By regularly forming the electrodes by means of specific form grinding, it avoids any contamination layer. This ensures reliable welds and up to 20 000 weld spots with the correct electrode contact geometry over the entire service life of the electrode.

The system is completed by a SPATZ+ servo welding gun in C or X design with servo-electric compensation for optimum compensation of the gun weight.


Our ServoSPATZ+ combined weld timer for Aluminium welding
ServoSPATZ+ combined weld timer
CapClean 3D-reformation
Alugator X-Gun
AluGATOR servo welding gun

Further Advantages

The system also offers a great advantage in terms of material and planning flexibility. Because not only aluminum but also steel sheets can be joined with high quality using the same equipment. ( Video: spot welding of steel and aluminum ) Particularly the production lines within automotive sector, can be planned in a cost-saving manner. Both materials can be manufactured with the same robot cell. The savings potential is enormous. Possible retooling / reuse is also increased by this flexibility.
The system includes the following components:

ServoSPATZ+ combined weld timer


CapClean 3D-reformation


AluGATOR servo welding gun

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The SPATZ+ weld timers rare combined with SPATZ+ servo welding guns.

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To expand connectivity and variable system integration, the SPATZ+ weld timers are upgraded with SPATZ+ fieldbus cards.

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The entire setting, parameterization and visualization of the welding parameters is carried out by the SPATZ software family.

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We would be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable solutions for your individual welding tasks and inform you about our training portfolio.